I Wish

I wish…

I had a love of my own.

Someone to spoon with.

A man that I love to help me with grocery shopping and help me bring in the groceries.

Someone that understands me and that I am able to laugh, vent, cry, share, and be myself with.

Someone other than family to share my doubts, fears, and wonders of life.

The strength to live my truth.

I could truly feel thankful for what I have and not secretly want what someone else has.

To be confident in what I say, do, act, and feel.

That guilt wouldn’t consume me.

I knew that there is no need to worry about my son, because I taught him well.

I knew that I am more than meets the eye just like Transformers.

What it truly means to take time for myself and not feel guilty about it.

I knew that despite what everyone else has to say about the mother I am and the mother I should be, that I love and care for my child and it shows.

I knew what confidence and self assurance means to me.

I didn’t feel guilty for being a single mother.

I knew what self-worth and respect means to me.

That I could let go, be free, and not worry about every little thing.

I knew that I am loved far more than I think I am.


WordPress Updates – That Wasn’t Suppose to Happen!

What the what!

Well, damn! So, apparently I deleted images from my media folder not realizing WordPress’ latest update would delete the media from the blog posts as well. So, instead of tweaking a post that I wanted to post today, I have been retrieving all the images, adding them to my media library, and updating all previous posts. For once, I am grateful that I do not blog several times a week. I guess when I create a post using the iPhone app and then switch to the desktop version on my MacBook Pro, the settings aren’t transferable. Is anyone else experiencing the same thing?

I noticed when I was editing (using the desktop version, not the app) a message would popup. The message indicated that the post was using classic formatting and if I wanted to switch to block formatting. Since I changed my theme I selected the block formatting. Could changing my theme have anything to do with this? Did the WordPress app have bugs/performance issues and was the reason why I never received a before you delete message? Is it because the app has different format settings than the desktop version? Perhaps I am just not a savvy user of WordPress.

For anyone who reads this, feel free to drop some knowledge in the comments section below. Of course any tidbits of information, suggestions, and/or ideas would be greatly appreciated too. I could use some insight as to what happened. I’m sure WordPress has a technical support for bloggers, but at this point I feel sheepish.

Job Searching Sucks!

Job searching is a job within itself. I can attest to that! It is tedious, nerve-wracking, and yields no results 90% of times. What happened to simple searches and directly applying to companies? Nowadays job seekers have to go through career websites or create company profiles to apply for work. Both options are a nuisance because algorithms are created to meet the employer’s needs.


Job seekers have the painstaking task of figuring out what keywords to use in their resumes and profiles, in order to pop up in applicant tracking systems. For those who are unemployed and not building upon a career, this can be quite a challenge. Because you have to determine whether you are industry or KSA (knowledge, skills, abilities) focused when marketing yourself to companies. Neither option is easier than the other. Both require specific setup of keywords, content, and quantifiables to appeal to companies and prove your worth. If you have experience in multiple industries and have racked up enough KSAs for a variety of jobs, it is damn near impossible to decipher what marketing approach and tactics to use. Employers don’t want to know about your soft skills (personality traits and behaviors) they want to know what hard skills (teachable abilities or quantifiable skill sets) you have.


The research on this subject is enough to drive someone crazy. Besides the obvious; font style, size of text, spacing, and margins, what is the right format? There are too many variations and every source says something different. I’m skipping over this!

Cover Letters

What’s the point? If recruiters take 6 seconds to skim a resume, how much time are they spending reading cover letters? Probably none! I think it is a formality. Perhaps it is used in the elimination process, when the hiring team has difficulty making a choice between two ideal candidates. I’m curious to know how often cover letters are overlooked and how often they are used to determine someone’s fate. What’s the harm in skipping this step?


These are time-consuming and unavoidable. Leading to an abundance of on-going emails announcing available positions. Which are hardly ever positions that pertain to the candidates receiving the emails. Unfortunately there is no avoiding it. This is the first step of the application process. Candidates are required to provide detailed information about their employment history, education, references, etc., in addition to attaching a resume and cover letter. Fighting the urge to copy and paste from the resume is difficult. Is the recruiter looking for more detailed information? Is the recruiter looking at the documents and profile or is it split with the hiring team? Hmmm…


Doesn’t this take the place of resumes, cover letters, and profiles? Is affiliation really a determining factor when selecting new hires? Come on! It’s becoming Facebook for business professionals. I wonder what the turnover rate is for employers who use it for recruiting. How many potential candidates match up to their LinkedIn profile?

Job Searching Bliss

There is no such thing! Lots of hours are spent in front of a computer screen hoping something comes of it. I’m starting to believe that it’s who you know not what you know. I think my livelihood is dependent upon networking. Advice, do something new or revise something every week (profiles, resumes, cover letters).

Monthly Roundup 06/2019

Summer is here, there is no denying it! The mating calls of cicadas and bites from mosquitoes are constant reminders. My mother has discovered that rubbing a bit of extra virgin olive oil helps relieve the itch from mosquito bites. My son is amused by my knack for killing mosquitoes with my bare hands. I’m not amused that every sunscreen I’ve tried can’t seem to wick sweat, at least not sweat on my face.


I had a job interview! It went well. It’s not exactly the pay I am looking for to meet my financial needs, but it’s a start. I will learn some new skills and there is potential for growth. Perhaps this is the break I’ve been looking. Just waiting for the background check and security clearance to process.

School’s out for the summer. I know my son is thrilled to take a break. He is so busy during the school year with schoolwork, band, and after school activities. I’m sure he will appreciate waking up later in the day and staying up late. Unlike most, I don’t have major plans for my son and I and that’s okay. Although money is tight, there are plenty of low to no cost things to do. There’s the beach, pool, matinee movies, get-togethers with friends and family, local outdoor entertainment events, and many ways to take in nature. I feel blessed that my son is easily pleased; he’s not selfish and is understanding of my financial situation. Sleepovers and time spent with friends at the neighborhood park is all that he asks for. It pleases me very much to know that he enjoys being outdoors with his friends. It reminds me of how I was at his age.

My son is now 13 years old. His birthday festivities were simple and I love that. Just one of his buddies, a sleepover, some pizza, cupcakes, and staying up late. All of the gifts he requested were practical and not over the top. I resisted the temptation of doing what most mothers do, posting an elaborate birthday post on all social media platforms. I spared my child the walk down memory lane in photos and very detailed words of expression. My baby boy is officially taller than me and has a deep voice. I can’t believe this September will be the beginning of his last year as a middle schooler. Where has the time gone? They really do grow up so fast.


I never bothered to rework my Law Of Attraction Planner. If I’m really being honest, I haven’t even bothered to look at it or use it since May. I’ll stick to journaling and using standard calendars going forward.

I’m still not blogging every week like I wanted. I did however, make some major changes to the layout of my blog. It was cool learning how to make all the changes that I did. And I did blog more in June than I have any other month prior. Baby steps, right!


I wait to see if I passed the background check and security clearance and start working. Hopefully in the monthly for July I will be sharing my return to the workforce experience.

I do my damnedest to blog every week! Something, anything, so I can let it go and let it flow.

I need to get out and enjoy the summer days. But first, look for that fashionable black floppy sunhat on Amazon and buy it, you need it.

I Hate Driving!

That moment you realize that there is a highway to hell and a stairway to heaven.

I can’t believe there was a time when I thoroughly enjoyed driving; going just about anywhere at anytime. If a trip out of state could be driven within hours, I was eager to do it. I find taking in the scenery, listening to music, and reading road signs comforting. Driving on I-95 during the autumn season is breathtaking. The changing color of leaves in various shades of orange, red, yellow, and green are my absolute favorite. Not exactly an example of why I hate driving, more like why I love driving. I hate driving, because there is a whole lot of crazy out on the roads! I know road rage has been a thing since the 1980’s, but I feel like it has developed into something more dangerous in the 2000’s. It has escalated into behind the wheel power tripping. My (completely made-up) top three behind the wheel power tripping types are: Roversdrivers who will keep inching up, attempting to run others off the road so no one can merge into their lane . Mach Speeders – drivers who will accelerate just to cut in front of a driver instead of getting behind them. Inchwormsdrivers who will keep the same speed as the driver next to them or speed up and slow down, so the driver behind them can’t change lanes. I can’t help but chuckle and think of the power trippers out there whenever I see signs for adopting a highway. Imagine how safe the roads would be if this type of selfish, aggressive, and reckless behavior didn’t exist.

I lost the love of driving when my son started sitting in the front seat. For some reason, my son sitting in the back seat created a sense of security and calmness. Now, all I do is stress about his frontside road view and what it will be like for him when it’s his time. Ten years ago driving was getting to where I was going and making sure my son was entertained and calm the entire time. I didn’t allow myself the headspace to think and stress about other people’s driving. I must have subconsciously been a right lane/no more than 5 mph over the speed limit/one to two car lengths type of driver. Always secretly avoiding the madness and going the distance.

Mobile phones are a major contributor to the madness. I read somewhere that drivers + mobile phones = 4x the amount of crashes. This type of physical distraction, whether hand-held or hands-free, is equally as dangerous. How can someone who is using their vehicle’s Bluetooth to conduct a phone call, so loud that the surrounding drivers can make out everything, truly be focused, alert, and aware of their surroundings? How can drivers judge proper distance, speed, and reflexes when they are distracted by texting, talking, navigating, and notifications? They can’t! And that’s why we see cars reconfigured and facing the wrong direction, car pileups, cars in ditches, and traffic backups. Everyone’s the white rabbit running late these days.

I’m sure all of us have had those instances of coming close to having an accident or being in an accident. It is so convenient and easy to grab our mobile devices when idle at traffic lights or traffic backups. Sometimes causing us to get honked at by the driver behind us for failing to move. Unless of course there are some of you who utilize the iPhone do not disturb feature. If you are like me and do, then perhaps you too have come home and been asked why you didn’t reply to a text or call. Which can be frustrating, because what’s more important your safety or picking up the phone?